Strategic Services

Stategic planning for sustained growth

Effective marketing requires long-term planning. Without strategic direction for marketing campaigns and tactics, you are essentially throwing money at the wall and waiting to see what sticks. Sometimes you get lucky, but more often than not you are wasting precious company resources.

Sometimes the best source of quality information is an objective view from the outside. Long’s Peak Consulting can take an in-depth look at your offerings, your clients, and your current tactics and provide a clear direction for the future. We’ll conduct research and analysis of your business model, your competitors, and your budget. Using our findings and your input, we’ll devise a clear and concise plan laying out your goals and how to achieve them.

Typical engagement for marketing plan creation:

  • Initial Discovery Meeting
  • Conduct Research and Analysis
  • Determine Monthly Budget
  • Complete First Draft of Yearly/Quarterly Marketing Plan
  • Client Revisions of Plan
  • Final Draft of Marketing Plan, Budget, and ROI Analysis
  • Client to Determine Next Steps (no vendor lock-in)

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